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mba sustainable education & management


We develop and bring together knowledge to understand current social challenges and opportunities to create a better world. We work ethically across disciplines and with our national and International partners, ensuring people, community and organizations are central.

Our focus is on creating awareness on The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs),reducing social inequality and understanding and addressing key complex social problems. Within this focus, we strive to:

  • Identify & undertake flagship research programs that will help to fulfill our vision;
  • Identify, understand and address complex social problems using systems thinking & a range of lenses;
  • Examine processes to create a better society – particularly partnerships, collaboration & co-production
  • Determine whether & where progressive change is occurring – understanding what works, in what contexts and why.



For Industry

  • CSR Project ideation, strategy and execution
  • Social Impact and Sustainability Training Program for employees
  • Impact Assessment
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • SDG focused campaigns


  • CSR Strategy to utilize CSR Funds effectively
  • CSR Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact training
Government Palace

For Government

  • Planning & Execution of Awareness Campaign( Sustainable Lifestyle, Sustainable Development Goals, Social Impact)
  • Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning Training for Government School Educators