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Dissemination of knowledge to all stakeholders through teaching, newsletter, workshops, lectures and other programs. Currently, we offer a one-credit course on Social Responsibility and Action to our first year students.


Teaching SDGs Beyond Classroom - Students Project Reports

Consolidated Report on Sustainable Fashion: Towards Reducing social and environmental ill effects and on ESG Reporting: What does it involve and how are companies
responding in Australia and India?

CQU University,Australia

Sustainability Research Project Report on scrutinizing  the sustainability measures used by businesses in India and

North – South University,Bangladesh

Research on existing sustainability ratings within Australia and India, how these are measured and how they address the UN 2030 Agenda’s SDGs.

Deakin FreelancingHUB,Australia

Improving Livelihood of Women Entrepreneurs in Goa a study on The Self-Help Group (SHG) movement in India, the world’s biggest and most
effective community-based organization network which is mostly a female-led movement.

Goa Livelihood Forum,Goa

Circular Economy – The Path to a Sustainable
Future from the Perspective of India , Germany , Rwanda and Australia.

United Nations Association of Australia Victoria Division – UNAA , Australia

Learning projects on Making Workplaces Resilient: Digitalisation of Occupational Health and Safety Management (SDG 8 and SDG 3), and on ESG Reporting Frameworks in India and Portugal.

ISCTE Business School, Lisbon – Portugal

National Conclave on ESG - Blog Articles by GIM Students

Navigating the Landscape of ESG Reporting: A Path to Sustainability and Transparency.

Article by Prof Aanchal Singh

ESG in a Changing Landscape: The Imperative of Commitment, Collaboration, and Communication.

Article by GIM 2nd Year Student Ms.Moitreyee Biswas

B-Schools Should Put ESG at the Forefront of Their Curriculum.

Article by GIM 1st Year student Ms.Mansi Garg

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SDG Samvaad

CSSA launched its quarterly newsletter in 2020. The newsletter provides a platform for engaging in conversations with the academia and the industry on SDGs related to health, education, gender equality, decent work and responsible consumption and production.

SDG Samvaad Issue 1

SDG Samvaad Issue 2

SDG Samvaad Issue 3

SDG Samvaad Issue 4

SDG Samvaad Issue 5

SDG Samvaad Issue 6

SDG Samvaad Issue 7

Sustainability Tweet – A – Thon

Sustainability Tweet – A – Thon

In 2021, CSSA conducted a unique tweet-a-thon to orient GIM students towards sustainability, promote a sustainability mindset and highlight the importance of sustainability practices in their daily activities. The event was spread across four weeks of August and covered topics such as decent work, inclusion, empathy and diversity. Students had to tweet on the relevance of the given theme in organisational context, share a good practice from an organisation and narrate how they would address the given theme in their future workplace.

Social Impact Photography

This event was designed to nudge students to capture moments, events which highlight social impact, visually. This event received an overwhelming response. The topics of photographs ranged from poverty eradication, zero hunger, gender equality, peace, and justice.

Make the Case

In 2020, a unique case study competition know as Make the Case was conceptualised and implemented by the Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action (CSSA), the Goa Institute of Management, in collaboration with Commitments Accelerator for Plastic Pollution (CAPP), the Ocean Recovery Alliance (ORA) and the Indian Plastic Institute (IPI).
The objective of the competition was to generate awareness about and discuss ways to tackle plastic waste in India. The aim was to nudge youth to take an interest in issues related to sustainable development and make them the green crusaders in their respective institutions. The other major objective of the competition was to showcase the power of Public-Private Partnership for tackling plastic waste in India.
The competition has been included in a compendium published by United Nations Office of South-South Cooperation on ‘Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development’– Volume 4, 2022.

Make the case - season 2


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Green Gown Competition